🇺🇸I can’t help it (if I’m still in love with you)

1974′ , Heart like a wheel- Linda Ronstadt songwriter:Hank Williams , she is a vocalist that can convince even long – time Country fans, she showed us a song by Hank Williams , who is a senior in the Country world , with a wonderful singing🎵 🎸 Andrew Gold, he did a great job onContinue reading “🇺🇸I can’t help it (if I’m still in love with you)”

Music Lovers:🇺🇸Soak up the Sun

2002, en:C’mon , C’mon- Sheryl Crow , songwriter:Sheryl Crow , Jeff Trott , this song is her summer pop song that mixes country and rock 🎵 along with , i feel that she’s a singer with an inner intensity 🎸 〜☘️🎵 it’s so easy , Don Henley also participates in this song , it’s good duo🎤❗ 彼女の、キュートな歌声の内に、芯の強さも感じます。Continue reading “Music Lovers:🇺🇸Soak up the Sun”

🇨🇦 There’s a world

1972,  Harvest- Neil Young, songwriter:Neil Young, in an orchestral sound, he sings as if admonishing , impressive sound of timpani, ‘‘all  God’s children in the wind ’’ it’s a impressive lyrics, where is the world headed? ヒット曲の、孤独の旅路は、heart of gold という表現が、彼らしくない感じもします、歌詞だけでいえば、この、🎵There’s  a world のほうが、印象に残る曲です、 アルバムは名盤です。                

🇨🇦 This Wheel’s on Fire

1968,  Music from Big Pink – The  Band, songwriter:Bob Dylan ,  Rick Danko, the electric piano sounds good , when i put the record on , it seemed to be playing in my room🎵 this album is worth to listening , their attitude towards music is amazing❗ Rick  Danko ,  i like his country and forkedContinue reading “🇨🇦 This Wheel’s on Fire”

🇺🇸 Hickory Wind

1968,  Sweetheart of the Rodeo- The Byrds , songwriter:Gram Parsons, Bob Buchanan , Quote: ‘‘ But now , when i’m lonesome  i always pretend , that i’m  gettin’ the feel of  Hickory  wind  ’’ i like this expression (pretend)🐬❗ i feel that this lyric contains a lot of complicated thoughts, people feel better when they rememberContinue reading “🇺🇸 Hickory Wind”

🇺🇸 Runnin’ Down A Dream

1989,  Full Moon Fever- Tom Petty, his first solo album ,  Jeff Lynne (Electric light Orchestra),  he participated as a producer, guitar sound is good🎸 good mood  rock’n’ roll ❗ the animated music-video also unique and fun, ‘‘me and Del were singin little  Runaway  i was flyin’ ’’ 🎵61′  Runaway- Del Shannon, he traveled backContinue reading “🇺🇸 Runnin’ Down A Dream”

🇺🇸 the needle and the spoon

1974,  Second Helping- Lynyrd Skynyrd, it’s a drag song,   but it sound good, i remember the guitar playing (all day and all of the night- 🎸David Davies – kinks ), Ronnie Van Zant,  so good🎤 misfortune will come to him after these three years , it was  a big loss in the rock world, iContinue reading “🇺🇸 the needle and the spoon”

🇨🇦 The River Hymn 🇺🇸

1971,  Cahoots – the Band , 4th studio album,  this album is not very well known ,  but i like this song🎵 this song reminds me of people snuggling up to the bank of a river, ‘‘ i’m so glad i brought along my mandolin ’’ it’s my favorite passage🐬 their music and  nature 🏞are inseparable🎵 RobbieContinue reading “🇨🇦 The River Hymn 🇺🇸”

🇺🇸 Ramona

1994,  Message for the Mess Age- NRBQ, 🎸 i love this song🎵 they incorporated various genres🎵 ramona〜🎵 it’s a Summer song❗ view the Beach🏖️from your hotel room on a Summer day, 🎤Joey Spampinato,  Terry Adams, that singing voice rides on the sea breeze〜🏝️ life needs such a moment🎵