🇨🇵 Voyages

1971, Polnareff’s – Michel Polnareff , songwriter:Michel Polnareff , Sa capacité à composer dans une grande variété  de genres est étonnante , people from different countries imagine different landscapes from a certain melody, and , i felt something japanese in the opening melody of this instrumental song, this album is masterpiece that shows the breadth and depth of hisContinue reading “🇨🇵 Voyages”

🇲🇫 A Minuit a Midi

1971,  Polnareff’s- Michel Polnareff, how beautiful this song❗🎵 his father is a jazz musician that providing songs to Edith Piaf  etc, he  has a background in classical music, his parents wanted to take him on the path of  classical music, Betraying his parents’ thoughts, he set out on a journey, he was devoted to popularContinue reading “🇲🇫 A Minuit a Midi”