🇺🇸 Nightbird

1975, Kalapana- Kalapana , songwriter:Mackey Feary , the two vocalists played an exquisite harmony because their voice nature different , 🎸🎤 Mackey Feary (1999)and Malani Bilyeu (2018), Both have passed away , but their warm sound is still loved by people today , it’s so sad that we can’t hear that harmony live , but theyContinue reading “🇺🇸 Nightbird”

🇺🇸Shores of Makapu’u

1982, Tender leaf- Tender leaf , songwriter:Darry Valdez , Murray Compoc, the sound of the percussion🪘and the refreshing singing voice are good , and the acoustic groovy sound is good🎵 it’s a song i want to listen to while looking at the sea on a bus that runs along the coastline🏝️ this song is aContinue reading “🇺🇸Shores of Makapu’u”

🇺🇸 White Sandy Beach of Hawai’i

1993, Facing Future – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole , songwriter:Duc Huy , Relax and unwind〜🏝️ (🎵soothes my restless soul ) you will be healed by its simple lyrics and clean, loving voice 🎵 🌿🎵over the Rainbow , what a wonderful world (〜medley ) the song naturally transitions , the performance is wonderful🎵 ハワイ出身の、イズラエル カマカヴィヴォオレさんの歌声で、安らいでいます🌿 海と砂浜に囲まれ、ウクレレで歌う彼の歌声に、癒されます🎵🐬 そして、アルバムに入っている、🎵虹の彼方に、と🎵この素晴らしき世界のメドレーが、自然な移行の演奏歌唱で、いい感じです🎵🐬

🇺🇸 Hawaiian war chant🏝️(Kaua i ka Huahua’i)

1860〜70,  1936,  Johnny Noble, 1860,  this song was originally a secret love song by   Leleiohoku Ⅱ, 1936,  this song was arranged as a rhythmic- Hawaiian🎵  by  Johnny Noble, even in japan,  comedian played the ukulele ,  his name is  Shinji Maki (牧伸二) when i was kid,  i thought  it was  a fun song🎵❗🐬 カラカ- ウア王の弟にあたる、レイイオホク2世が作った、ラブソングを、後にContinue reading “🇺🇸 Hawaiian war chant🏝️(Kaua i ka Huahua’i)”