fusion, nylon guitar

🇺🇸Earl Klugh

finger paintings🎵 the sound of nylon guitar is always gentle to me,🐧🎵

catherine ,🎵 long ago and far away,🎵 this time, I will be healed,🐬🐚 his fingertips are magical🎵❗️

he was influenced by Chester Burton Atkins, he is a famous guitarist, his play style is finger picking and mute playing method, Earl Klugh, he succeeded as a fusion guitarist🎵❗️he belonged group* return to forever* with Chick Corea for a short time, I don't know the sound source at that time🎵🐬I want to listen that, 1976, album- Living inside your love, 🎵the april fools, this music that makes you sleep in the

shallow waters of the sea,🏝️

-fusion, nylon guitar

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